Travel With Your HOTLOGIC®

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It is easy to travel with your HOTLOGIC®. The size, low watt usage and ease to power it means it can be used in a multitude of locations. It is convenient to use at home, on-the-go or in distant lands.

Use Your HOTLOGIC® in a Building

If you are using your HOTLOGIC® in the kitchen, an office, a dorm room or a hotel room, the 120V (AC) model works best. The HOTLOGIC® Mini (45W) or Family size (100W) both come in a 120V model.

If you have a 12V (DC) HOTLOGIC® Mini, then you will need to get an adaptor to be able to get power from a 120V outlet.

I bought a cheaper version of this adaptor (<$10) and had problems with it. The power stopped flowing through until I moved it or shook it just right. I feel it is better to pay a bit more to get a more reliable adaptor.

To use a 120V model in a foreign country, you will need a step-down converter. This one provides power for devices needing up to 200W of power.

Use Your HOTLOGIC® in Your Vehicle

The 12V HOTLOGIC® Mini is the ideal model to get if you want to heat your food while traveling. There are usually several 12V plugs available in vehicles built in this century. But you may be wondering if your HOTLOGIC® Mini can stay plugged in when your vehicle is turned off.

First, you must ascertain if any of the 12V plugs provide power when the vehicle is not running. If they do, then the next dependency is the age of the battery. Newer batteries are more likely to still have enough charge left to start the engine after powering your HOTLOGIC® Mini for hours.

If you do not want to risk your battery, you can pick up a power station with a lithium battery or a lead cell jump starter with 12V and 120V plugs. Power stations can cost about $1 per watt. Whereas the lead cell jump starter can provide about 270Wh for much less than $1 per watt and can jump your car or pump air into your tires, if needed. A 120V HOTLOGIC® model will also work with this charger. It weighs more than a lithium battery.

The next question you may have, is where you can safely place your HOTLOGIC® Mini in your vehicle while driving. Delivery drivers in the Facebook group HotLogic Recipes say they have had no problems with leaving their HOTLOGIC® Mini on the floor to heat/cook while they are driving. However, there are some drivers that feel safer using a “Stupid Car Tray” to secure their HLM.

But what if you only have a 120V model, then you will need to get an inverter, such as the one pictured here. This will work if you are only going to use your vehicle’s battery to power your HOTLOGIC®. If you have a power station or jump starter, then you can use that to invert the power from 12V (DC) to 120V (AC).

Additional adapter options can be found here.

Power Your HOTLOGIC® in a Field

We talked about power stations a moment ago. With a portable power source and a HOTLOGIC®, you can enjoy hot meals in remote locations.

When selecting a power station, you will need to determine the ideal size for your needs. The watt hours indicate how long you can power your HOTLOGIC® before the power station needs to be recharged.

Watts x Hours = Watt Hours (WH)

For example, if you want to use your HOTLOGIC® Mini (45W) for a total of 33 hours, then you would need a power station with at least 1485 watt hours.

As mentioned before, power stations can cost about $1 per watt hour it provides. This is especially true for name brands such as Jackery, Bluetti and Westinghouse. This should give you an idea if the price you see is a good one or not.

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Travel With Your Hot Logic