HOTLOGIC® Cookbooks

tablets showing the first two cookbooks written for the HOTLOGIC®.


Introducing HOTLOGIC® Cookbooks. These cookbooks will teach you how to use a HOTLOGIC®. They will show you the techniques for cooking with low, slow, conduction heating. For years since the invention of HOTLOGIC® there have been no cookbook available until now.

Cover of Desserts: Small Batch Recipes for HOTLOGIC® Mini including a picture of some of the desserts made with a HOTLOGIC®.

Desserts: Small Batch Recipes for HOTLOGIC® Mini by Jeanni Guise

This is a collection of over 30 original recipes to make in the HOTLOGIC® Mini. Make desserts anywhere you can find an electric outlet. Click here for more information.

The HOTLOGIC® Mini Cookbook: Recipes for Everyone by Ellen Guon Beeman 

A fellow member of the Facebook group HotLogic Recipes has written the first cookbook for the HOTLOGIC® Mini. This cookbook contains 31 original recipes and a guide to using the HOTLOGIC®. Many of the recipes are vegan or vegetarian.

Hot Logic Cookbooks