Collection of items used with a HOTLOGIC® to prepare food, cook food and power the HOTLOGIC®.
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I labeled this “Shop” because it is a term people understand. But consider this a reference of items people commonly use with their HOTLOGIC®. This is a compilation of the affiliate links used on the pages and posts for HLCooking. It also contains items your fellow HOTLOGIC® users say works for them. As I learn about new items they recommend, I will add them here,

HOTLOGIC® can be more than a substitute microwave. This page is a summary of items that can increase what you can do with your HOTLOGIC®. If you choose to use one of these affiliate links to buy a product, I may receive a commission for that sale at no additional cost to you. You will find that many of the items can be found locally at places like Walmart, Dollar Tree, Big Lots and Target for less than the prices listed here. Use this for ideas of what you want to get to increase the possibilities for using your HOTLOGIC®.


Adapters allow you to connect your HOTLOGIC® to a variety of power sources. For more information on how to choose the right adapter see How to Choose an Adapter for Your HOTLOGIC®.

For the adaptor to use in a train engine, go to

Baking/Cooking Equipment

Food can be cooked, baked or heated in a HOTLOGIC® using a variety of containers, dishes, pans or coverings for the heating plate. They just need to have enough contact with the heating plate and be able to conduct heat. For more help in selecting the equipment that will work for you, see Bakeware.

Compact Kitchen

A compact kitchen is for anywhere you do not have access to a full kitchen. You may need one for travel or camping, for a dorm room or for living in a vehicle. What you need in your compact kitchen depends on what menu items you want to be able to make, how mobile you need to be and what power, water and refrigeration you will have available. It is customized to each individual’s need.

See Compact Kitchen to get more ideas on setting up a tiny kitchen with big results.

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Food Prep Tools

Kitchen equipment used to prepare the ingredients for cooking, baking and heating in a HOTLOGIC®. This includes the tools used in the recipes on this site. Additional information is available at Food Prep Tools.


HOTLOGIC® personal oven, providing hot meals at home or on-the-go

Portable Power Supplies

Sometimes you will want to use your HOTLOGIC® when there is no power source available due to location or power outage. This is when a power station can provide your power needs. For more information on how to select the portable power supply that meets your needs, jump to Select a Portable Power Supply for Your HOTLOGIC®.

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