HOTLOGIC® Introduction

Close up of HOTLOGIC® Mini handle in background stainless steel Bento box bamboo cutting board and glass jar with utensils


Haven Innovations invented Smart Shelf technology. It is low, slow, conduction heat which heats food to the perfect temperature and maintains it for hours. They used this technology to develop the HOTLOGIC® Breakroom 8 to provide a way to heat multiple meals at one time without the mess, smell, and wait time that frequently comes with microwaves in breakrooms. At the same time, they developed a portable unit, the HOTLOGIC® personal oven, which provides hot meals at home or on-the-go.

What HOTLOGIC® Models Are Available?

The HOTLOGIC® requires an external power source. It requires either a 120V (AC) or 12V (DC) power source depending on the model. The selection of the model is dependent on where you want to use it most of the time. If it will be used in or by a building, then a 120V is the best choice. If you will use it in a vehicle or off-grid, then 12V may be the better choice.

Available Models
HOTLOGIC® Mini 12V (45 Watts)
HOTLOGIC® Mini 120V (45 Watts)
HOTLOGIC® XP/Family 120V (100 Watts)

Simple to Use

The HOTLOGIC® appliance is simple to use. Place the food inside, plug it in and zip the HOTLOGIC® shut. Time and the HOTLOGIC® will do the rest. Allow 1 to 1 1/2 hour to heat food from the refrigerator and 2 to 3 hours for food from the freezer. After that time, you will have a hot meal to enjoy.