Portable Kitchen

Collection of items to include in a compact kitchen for travel including a HOTLOGIC® Mini.


You can create a portable kitchen in a space that has no kitchen facilities. The size of the portable kitchen depends on how much functionality you need to include. It may be as simple as only needing a HOTLOGIC® and eating utensils at your desk or as complex as needing to provide everything including refrigeration and a power source at a campsite. Whatever the circumstance, the HOTLOGIC® provides a compact method for heating food and is a key element of any portable kitchen.

What Do You Need in Your Portable Kitchen?

What you need depends on your unique situation. Here are some questions to consider when you determine what you need to include in your portable kitchen.

  • How are you getting to your destination?
  • How much space do you have available to carry your kitchen to your destination?
  • Will there be a refrigerator and/or freezer available to use at your destination? Or will you bring your own refrigeration?
  • Do you need to bring all your food, or can you buy food when you get there?
  • What kinds of dishes do you want to be able to prepare?
  • Will there be a compatible power source, or do you need to bring an adaptor, or a power pack/station?

For example, if you are driving in your car to stay at a hotel for a week, you can bring an ice chest or portable refrigerator/freezer to keep your food cold. If you are flying and staying at a hotel without a mini frig, then you can take some frozen food, but most of the food you bring would be shelf stable.

In another example, if you are living in a van or in a dorm room, you may want to make desserts which require additional appliances. Whereas for a short stay in a hotel you would probably not plan on making desserts that require additional appliances.

Once you determine the resources you have and those you need to provide, you are ready to create the inventory list for your specific situation.