Equipment to use to power a HOTLOGIC®, prepare food to cook in a HOTLOGIC® or in which to cook food in a HOTLOGIC®.


It is a bit difficult to categorize the equipment that will expand all that you can do with your HOTLOGIC®. Some equipment is attached to power it in a multitude of locations; other equipment is used during the preparing and cooking with your HOTLOGIC® and then there is the equipment used within your HOTLOGIC® on or in which the food is cooked.

Power Your HOTLOGIC®

Equipment related to powering your HOTLOGIC® would be power stations, converters, inverters and solar panels. These are all items that will expand where you are able to operate your HOTLOGIC®.

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Equipment Used to Prepare Food

If you do not have access to a full kitchen, you can still prepare a wide variety of menu options. There are a few appliances that will help you do this. Also, there is one item that is not an appliance but can still help in cooking your meat. It is a chef torch and can help you achieve the browning effect your HOTLOGIC® is unable to provide.

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HOTLOGIC® Bakeware

“What containers can I use?” is one of the first question a new HOTLOGIC® owner asks. Anything that is heat-safe and has a flat bottom to provide good contact with the HOTLOGIC® hot plate. This is necessary for the heat to transfer via conduction from the hot plate to the container to the food.

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