Mastering Your HOTLOGIC®

Whether you are just thinking about getting a HOTLOGIC®, are new to using one, or have had your HOTLOGIC® for a while; you have come to the right place. Here you will find the basics of getting started using a HOTLOGIC®; learn how to use it in remote locations; find the bakeware to use inside your HOTLOGIC®; discover tools to create a portable kitchen centered around your HOTLOGIC®; and increase the variety of foods you can prepare in your HOTLOGIC®.

HOTLOGIC® personal oven, providing hot meals at home or on-the-go

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HOTLOGIC® plugged into a power station ready to cook a meal.
Low Watt Cooking
Use less electricity when cooking meals or cooling a home.
stock photo
Portable Refrigeration
When traveling by car or camping, portable refrigeration safely stores the ingredients for the meals you cook in your HOTLOGIC®.
Russet potato cooked to perfection in a HOTLOGIC® and ready to eat.
Baked Potato
The HOTLOGIC® User Guide says that you cannot cook a potato in a HOTLOGIC®. The information is correct, unless ...
Frozen sausage egg bake popped out of a mold and placed in a glass dish on a countertop before being cooked in a HOTLOGIC®.
Sausage Egg Bake for Travel
I wanted to see if a Sausage Egg Bake could be assembled, frozen and later cooked overnight in a HOTLOGIC®.
Take up the fork and eat a bite of cheesecake made in the HOTLOGIC®. Sip the hot tea.
Original Cheesecake
You can make a lovely cheesecake in your HOTLOGIC®. No water bath required.
stock photo piece of lasagna
In the video below, Rick Mammana shows how he makes the lasagna recipe he cooks in his HOTLOGIC®.
stock photo bowl of beef stew
Beef Stew
This one dish meal of beef stew was created by the makers of the HOTLOGIC®.
stock photo of bowl of oatmeal with apple slices
Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal
For breakfast in a HOTLOGIC® you can make apple cinnamon oatmeal. This recipe comes from the makers of the HOTLOGIC®.
Kitchen Bouquet Hamburger shown raw, just cooked in the HOTLOGIC® and plated for eating.
Kitchen Bouquet Hamburger Patty
The burger looks like it was cooked in a conventional oven.
Appetizers and Snacks for a party, cocktail wieners, bagel chips and grapes.
Sweet & Sour Cocktail Wieners
Simple and surprisingly delicious cocktail wieners for your next party.
Cube steak cooked to tender perfection in a HOTLOGIC®.
Cube Steak
The HOTLOGIC® will cook cube steak to be so tender you can use a butter knife to cut it.
Worcestershire Sauce Hamburger shown raw, just cooked in the HOTLOGIC® and plated for eating.
Worcestershire Sauce Hamburger
The Worcestershire Sauce Hamburger is a juicy patty to put on your hamburger bun.
Open up and eat the piece of egg casserole on the fork from the serving on the plate.
Egg Casserole
...three eggs will coat 3 1/2 cups of vegetables, cheese and/or meat, so the variations for this recipe are endless...
Pick up the knife and fork and dig into the cauliflower covered in cheese sauce and the two slices of ham.
Cheesy Cauliflower & Ham
A simple meal to make in a HOTLOGIC® is Cheesy Cauliflower & Ham...
A fork breaks into the mound of quinoa.
Cooking Quinoa in a HOTLOGIC®
Quinoa is a simple grain to cook. To make 2 cups of cooked grain takes half a cup of dried grain and...
Broccoli cooked in a HOTLOGIC® sprinkled with pine nuts and ready to eat.
...cooking frozen broccoli florets in my HOTLOGIC®...
stock photo-chef searing meat with torch to brown.
How to Add Maillard Reaction (Browning) to HOTLOGIC® Cooking
The browning can easily be done by using a chef torch...
Tray of butterscotch haystacks ready to eat.
Butterscotch Haystacks
When my No. 1 Taste Tester's Mimi had family and friends over for a gathering, her neighbor brought butterscotch haystacks.
Ingredients assembled to make chocolate haystacks in a HOTLOGIC®.
Chocolate Haystacks
...my sister came home with this Chow Mein Noodle cookies recipe. Some people call them chocolate haystacks.
Power station providing electic power for a HOTLOGIC® Mini and a HOTLOGIC® XP.
Select a Portable Power Supply for Your HOTLOGIC®
Help you determine the portable power supply you need to power your HOTLOGIC®.
Ingredients assembled to make Rolo® Delights in a HOTLOGIC® Mini.
ROLO® Pretzel Delights
My No. 1 Taste Tester remembers making ROLO® Pretzel Delights regularly at Christmas time.
Adaptors that work with a HOTLOGIC®.
How to Choose an Adapter for Your HOTLOGIC®
With the right HOTLOGIC® adapter, you to take your HOTLOGIC® on the road or use it in a building.
Collection of heat-safe dishes that can be used as containers for your HOTLOGIC®.
Containers For Your HOTLOGIC®
Find bakeware that work in your HOTLOGIC®.
Tempting bagel chips on a tray ready to eat.
Bagel Chips
Bagel Chips made in a HOTLOGIC® are a delicious, crunchy and addictive snack.
A display of shelf stable meats, vegetables and cooked grains in pouches, jars and cans.
Food That Travels
Shelf- stable food to use to make meals in your HOTLOGIC®.
tiny dog bone shaped dog treats in clear glass bowl in back aqua HOTLOGIC®mini, bottle of ground cinnamon, can of pumpkin puree, bag of quinoa and cooking utensils in ceramic holder
Crunchy Pumpkin & Quinoa Dog Treats
You CAN bake delicious, crunchy, pumpkin & quinoa dog treats in your HOTLOGIC®.
HOTLOGIC® Mini, collapsible kitchen kettle and other items that will pack in a HOTLOGIC® Mini for a portable kitchen.
Portable Kitchen for Delicious Meals On-the-Go
Sometimes when traveling you need a portable kitchen. You may be travelling for a vacation...
Clotted Cream
Clotted cream is a delicious condiment to spread on scones (biscuits in the US). It tastes like buttery, whipped cream.

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