Side Dishes

stock photo Tabbouleh salad with quinoa, parsley and vegetables


Here you will find recipes for side dishes that will cook in your HOTLOGIC®. Dense vegetables, rice and raw pasta do not cook well in a HOTLOGIC®, but there still are many vegetables and grains that will cook well. Precooked rice and pastas are available in pouches. They heat up well in a HOTLOGIC® to provide other options for a side dish.


Below is a sample list of vegetables. This will give you an idea of what to expect when cooking them in your HOTLOGIC®.

Broccoli – Either frozen or raw will cook in a HOTLOGIC®. The longer the broccoli stays in the HOTLOGIC® after being fully cooked, the more its color fades.

Carrots– Raw, petite carrots do not really cook fully. However, I like to peel and cut carrots to small slices and freeze them without blanching first. These carrots will fully cook when added to dishes.

Cauliflower – This is a good vegetable to cook the HOTLOGIC® because its color won’t fade over time.

Green Beans– They will cook well, but will lose color over time. Left in the HOTLOGIC® long enough, they will turn the color of canned green beans.

Potatoes– If you follow this recipe, they will cook perfectly. Otherwise, they generally fail to cook fully. There are some members of the Facebook group HotLogic Recipes who say they can get them to cook if they are thinly sliced, well salted and only have a little water added.


The small grains will cook well in the HOTLOGIC®. Rice is the difficult grain to cook.

Amaranth – I haven’t tried it yet, but since it is smaller than quinoa and quinoa cooks just fine, amaranth should work as well.

Oatmeal – Quick, old fashioned and steel cut oats all cook in the HOTLOGIC®.

Pasta – Most HOTLOGIC® owners use precooked pastas in pouches to prepare dishes.

Quinoa – This is a super simple grain to cook. Just 1/2 cup of grain, seasoning and 1 cup of water or broth will produce 2 cups after 2 hours.

Rice – White rice, don’t bother trying. Just buy precooked rice or Instant rice if you are unable to use the stove top to cook the rice first. However, other types of rice may work. I tried a wild rice which I soaked overnight and it cooked just fine in my HOTLOGIC®. So my suggestion is that if you want to try to cook rice, select a grain that requires soaking. I used this article on soaking rice to decide on the rice I wanted to try.


There are a wide variety of items that can be used in the HOTLOGIC® for cooking. Here is a list of commonly used items.

  • aluminum foil
  • parchment paper
  • paper towel
  • grilling mat
  • 1/2 pint canning jar
  •  3-cup containers
  • 4-cup, heat safe dish
  • 6-cup, heat safe dish

Recipes for Side Dishes

Hot Logic Side Dishes