Food Prep Tools

Food prep tools on a counter that will prepare food to cook in a HOTLOGIC®.


If you do not have access to a full kitchen, you can still prepare a wide variety of menu options. These food prep tools are used in some of the recipes. You will need to review the specific recipes to see what tools are required in addition to the HOTLOGIC® in order to make the recipe item.

Food Prep Tools

Electricity Required

In the thoughts that someone may only have a power station of 500W or below, I tried to find appliances that required less than 500W to operate. Hot water kettles are a bit tricky. You can have low watts and 40 minutes to boil water, such as this 150W 12V kettle or higher watts and boiling water in 3 minutes, such as this 600W 110v collapsible kettle. The linked drink blender requires 250W to operate. All the other appliances uses 60w or less.

More suggestions of items to use can be found here.


Hot Logic Food Prep Tools