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How to Add Maillard Reaction (Browning) to HOTLOGIC® Cooking

stock photo-chef searing meat with torch to brown.

The one thing people miss when cooking in a HOTLOGIC® is the browning (Maillard reaction) of the food. The Maillard (pronounced “my-YARD”) reaction causing caramelization (the sugars to brown) typically happens starting at 300ºF. Since the HOTLOGIC® only goes to the mid-170’sºF or the mid-180’sºF, depending on your device; it cannot cause the Maillard reaction which gives a delicious smell and taste to foods. The browning can easily be done by using a chef torch either before or after the food is cooked in the HOTLOGIC®.

Applying the Maillard Reaction When Cooking

This video shows how easy it is to perfectly cook a steak and create Maillard reaction with a chef torch. He uses a water bath (sous vide) method for cooking the steak instead of a HOTLOGIC®, but the principal is the same.


So now that you know how to do it, what tools would help you do this yourself?

A metal pan provides a safe dish to hold your meat while torching, There are some that can fit in the HOTLOGIC® Mini and Max/XP.

Fits a Mini

Right sized for a Mini

Fits a Family Size

To safely handle the meat while torching it, metal tongs or a meat fork will work. These two suggestions are each under $6 on Amazon at the time of writing this post.

A meat thermometer with wire probe will let you know when your meat has reached your desired internal temperature. You can check the temperature with your HOTLOGIC® zipped closed.

Of course a butane chef torch is required.

If you don’t already have one in your kitchen, it’s always a good idea to have a fire extinguisher in easy reach, like this one pictured. Click image to see in Amazon.

For more information on how to select a fire extinguisher, click here.

With these tools to create the Maillard reaction when cooking in a HOTLOGIC®, it should be easy to prepare food with the caramelized finish. This will give you a larger selection of food prepared in a HOTLOGIC® that looks, tastes and smells delicious.

stock photo-juicy chicken breast seared golden and sliced.
Grilled chicken breast served with salad

Hot Logic Maillard Reaction Cooking