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How to Choose an Adapter for Your HOTLOGIC®

Adaptors that work with a HOTLOGIC®.

With the right HOTLOGIC® adapter, you to take your HOTLOGIC® on the road or use it in a building. Whether it is a HOTLOGIC® Mini 12V, a HOTLOGIC® Mini 120V, or a HOTLOGIC® Max 120V, it doesn’t matter. If you have the correct adapter, you can use any of them in a vehicle or plugged into a wall outlet.

In order to select the correct adapter, you need to know that the HOTLOGIC® Mini requires 45 watts of power and the HOTLOGIC® Max uses 100 watts of power. With this information you are ready to select the right adapter for your situation.

Converter for the HOTLOGIC® Mini 12V

60 Watts

If you have a HOTLOGIC® Mini 12V, select an AC to DC converter greater than 45W to be able to plug it in a wall outlet.

Inverter for the 120V HOTLOGIC® Mini and the HOTLOGIC® Max

These are adapters you would choose to operate household appliances in a vehicle. Add up the watts required for your appliances that will all be plugged in at the same time. Then select an inverter rated a bit higher. (Click images to see in Amazon.)

150 Watts

200 Watts

1200 Watts

If you are travelling in a vehicle, there are other considerations. Find more information at Travel With Your HOTLOGIC®.

Adapter for International Travel

A stepdown converter is required if you wish to use your HOTLOGIC® 120V Mini or Max overseas. This converter can handle 200W. It will work for either the Mini or the Max or both plugged in at the same time. (Click images to see in Amazon.)

230 Watts

If you wish to be able to also use the converter with an 1800-volt hair dryer, then you will need an adapter like this one. (Click images to see in Amazon.)

2000 Watts

Use Your HOTLOGIC® in a Locomotive Engine

locoverter, a 74V to 12V (DC) or 110V (AC) converter

If you are a train crewman, you may need a 74V to 12V (DC) or 110V (AC) converter to be able to use a HOTLOGIC® in a Locomotive Engine. This can be found at locoverter.com.

Final Words

When you choose an adapter for a HOTLOGIC®, just read the description to make certain it will provide enough watts to run your HOTLOGIC® or combination of appliances.

Questions about what portable power supply to get? Information about selecting a power station can be found here.

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