Main Dishes

stock photo meatballs on a pewter plate


These HOTLOGIC® recipes will cover the main item on your dinner plate, such as meat and pasta dishes. Low temperature cooking is one of the best ways to cook meat. The meat will be juicy and tender. The pasta dish will typically use the precooked variety found at the store.


Beef – Beef will cook to perfection. You can cook ground beef or your favorite cut of meat. It can have dry seasoning or liquid seasoning. Cube steak with a gravy will cook to be tender enough to use a butter knife to cut it. If you like your cut of beef to be cooked rare or medium rare, you only need to use a thermometer with a wire to monitor the meat in a zipped HOTLOGIC® until it reaches the temperature you prefer. Some people like to finish their meat with a chef torch to give it a final browning.

Chicken – Chicken cooks well in a HOTLOGIC®. The section of chicken can be cubed, boneless breast or thigh or bone in leg/thigh. It can have dry seasoning or liquid seasoning and it will cook well.

Pig – If the section of meat is small enough, it can cook the meat from raw. Pulled pork is a possible dish. The HOTLOGIC® is a perfect way to heat up slices of spiral cut ham to avoid drying out. Don’t try cooking bacon. It will be disappointing.

Seafood – Fresh or frozen salmon is a common protein cooked by HOTLOGIC® owners.

Turkey – Cooking ground turkey is possible. I am not familiar with any other cuts of turkey that are typically available and would be small enough to lay in a dish to cook from raw in a HOTLOGIC®.


Pasta made from flour that requires higher temperatures to cook fully do not work in a HOTLOGIC®. Typically, you will need to use precooked pastas to add to the dish. Some people find precooked pastas in pouches at the store that work well in dishes.


  • chef torch (Do not use if the meat is in paper, plastic or silicone.)
  • aluminum foil
  • parchment paper
  • grilling mat
  • 1/2 pint canning jar
  • cast iron plate
  • 4-cup, heat safe dish
  • 6-cup, heat safe dish


Hot Logic Main Dish