HOTLOGIC® Wear & Care

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The HOTLOGIC® is a workhouse, but it may not wear gracefully. Here are some ideas on how to care for it to keep it in good shape and what you may expect yours to look like over time.

HOTLOGIC® Plate Wear

After a time, it is not uncommon for the plate coating to chip. This does not inhibit the performance of the HOTLOGIC®.

Some HOTLOGIC® owners choose to cover their plate with aluminum foil to protect it. They have no issues with its performance when they do this.

I prefer not to cover the plate. I will put a paper towel down first and then parchment paper or a grill mat if I am cooking something that may leave grease behind.

HOTLOGIC® hot plates that show silver flecks where the coating came off.


To clean your HOTLOGIC® remove the hot plate. Use a cloth with mild soap and water to hand wash the insulated bag. Some owners will put the bag in the gentle cycle in the washing machine or on the top rack of a dish washer. Air dry the cover.

Do not immerse the plate, but you can use a damp cloth to clean it. Let it dry thoroughly before plugging in and using it again.


Your HOTLOGIC® comes with a 1-year warranty, but it comes with a card that says your warranty can be extended to 3 years if you register the product. For myself, I have chosen not take advantage of this for my collection of HOTLOGIC®s even though I have had one of the plates overheat. (It was still under the 1-year warranty and customer service was quick to replace it.)

To register your product and extend your warranty, go here to the company website.

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Hot Logic Wear & Care