Power stations and adaptors that will let you take your HOTLOGIC® anywhere to use.
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Your HOTLOGIC® can be used in a variety of places by adding adapters or portable power supplies. Because of the low amount of watts used by a HOTLOGIC® Mini, it is easy to power in remote or mobile locations. Adaptors will allow you to plug it into a variety of power outlets. If you plug your HOTLOGIC® into a portable power supply (a.k.a. power station) and connect that to solar panels, in theory you will have continuous power to operate.


Adapters let you get power for a 120v AC device from a 12v DC source and visa versa. Whether the adapter is an inverter (DC to AC) or converter (AC to DC or AC to AC voltage change), you need to know the wattage of your device and select adapter that will provide the watts needed. The HOTLOGIC® Mini, both 120v AC & 12v DC, use 45 watts. The HOTLOGIC® Family size uses 100 watts.

Once you identify all of the devices you want to be able to plug in at the same time, add up all the watts required and the type of plug they use. Then look for the adapter that has the required number of plugs and wattage.

Some of the possible choices: How to Choose an Adapter for Your HOTLOGIC®

HOTLOGIC® Power Supplies

Power Stations, jump starters or fuel powered generators can be used to power your HOTLOGIC® when outlets connected to the power grid are not available. There are several items to consider when selecting a power source.

  • What is the wattage output you need your power source to be able to handle? Add up the watts required by all of the appliances you want to run at one time.
  • How many Watt Hours (WH) do you need? Multiply the watts for each of the appliances by the number of hours each need to run. Add these amounts for the watt hours you need.
  • If using a power station, how long will it take to recharge?
  • Does your HOTLOGIC® power supply need to have a pure sine wave inverter? Based on the information provided in an article from, No. It’s only devices with motors and medical equipment that need the pure sine wave inverter for optimal performance and life.
  • For power stations and jump starters, how many times do you want to be able to recharge the battery?

More information on selecting a power station: Select a Portable Power Supply for Your HOTLOGIC®

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