HOTLOGIC® Wear & Care

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The HOTLOGIC® is ready to work hour after hour. However, care needs to be taken else the coating on the heating plate will show wear. Here are some ideas on how to care for your HOTLOGIC® to keep it in good shape.

HOTLOGIC® Plate Wear

After many hours and days of repeated use while testing recipes, I abused the coating of the heating plate causing it to chip and scratch. The good news is that it does not inhibit the performance of the HOTLOGIC®. It seems that when the coating is hot, it is susceptible to chipping and scratching. However, this can be avoided.

The chipping occurred when the container stuck to the heating plate due to container not being clean on the bottom. The scratching occurred when I stirred melting caramels or chocolate while the container was still on the heating plate and the container moved back and forth with the stirring. The scratching is avoided by removing the container from the HOTLOGIC® before stirring, and then placing back in the HOTLOGIC® if more heating is required.

The chipping can be avoided by covering the heating plate with aluminum foil to protect from containers sticking. Aluminum foil is an excellent conductor of heat. The temperature on top of the aluminum foil is close to the surface temperature of the heating plate. It will protect the heating plate without hindering its performance.

The HOTLOGIC® heating plate is chipped and scratched when care is not taken.


To clean your HOTLOGIC® remove the hot plate from the insulated bag. Use a cloth with mild soap and water to hand wash the insulated bag. Some owners will put the bag in the gentle cycle in the washing machine or on the top rack of a dish washer. Air dry the cover.

Do not immerse the heating plate in water, but you can use a damp cloth to clean it. Let it dry thoroughly before plugging in and using it again.


Your HOTLOGIC® comes with a 1-year warranty, but it comes with a card that says your warranty can be extended to 3 years if you register the product. For myself, I have chosen not take advantage of this for my collection of HOTLOGIC® appliances; even though I have had one of the plates overheat. (It was still under the 1-year warranty, and customer service was quick to replace it.)

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