First Time Using the HOTLOGIC®

Purple HOTLOGIC® on left behind heated lasagna and broccoli with yellow sauce on white square plate with silver fork used wrappers in the back

Typically, the first time anyone uses a HOTLOGIC® they heat either a frozen meal or leftovers. If you choose to heat a frozen meal in a box that fits in the HOTLOGIC®, open one end to verify which side is up. Then close the box and set inside the HOTLOGIC®. If the box is too big, the tray can be removed and placed directly on the heating plate. For leftovers, put them in a covered, heat-safe dish with a flat bottom and then place in the HOTLOGIC®.

Place – Plug – Zip

Marie Callender's Lasanga and Green Giant Sauced Broccoli in purple HOTLOGIC® HLM

PLACE your food in the HOTLOGIC®PLUG in the HOTLOGIC® and ZIP shut. Cook for the correct hours. By plugging in your HOTLOGIC® before zipping it shut, it is possible that you may not forget to do this before turning away from it. It is very disappointing to be hungry and reach for the HOTLOGIC® only to realize the food is still cold because it wasn’t plugged it in.

How Long to Heat

How long your food takes to heat depends on the density of the food and its starting temperature: room temperature, 40ºF or frozen. If the food comes from the refrigerator, the HOTLOGIC® site says, “It generally takes less than 1 hour to heat refrigerated food and 2 hours for frozen food.” I find that it takes 30 minutes to 1 hour longer to heat fully. But once heated it is okay to leave the food in for hours if the food container is sealed and there is enough moisture.

What Else Can be Heated

The HOTLOGIC® can also be used to warm pizza, breads or burritos. Place a piece of aluminum, parchment paper or paper towel on the heating plate first, before setting these items directly on the heating place. Heating in the HOTLOGIC® causes condensation to form. When heating breads, tortillas or burritos; do not wrap them in plastic. They will get soggy. If you need to wrap them, use parchment paper or paper towels. Burritos will need to be turned over after about an hour. Place rolls on top of the container wrapped a paper towel. If they are placed on the heating plate, they will harden.

Ready to Use Your HOTLOGIC®

Now you are ready to use your HOTLOGIC® for the first time. It can take a while to get used to how it works. Once you do, you will find that it is so easy and convenient to have your meals ready to eat when you are.