What is a HOTLOGIC® Personal Oven?

a blue HOTLOGIC on a wooden table in front of a brick wall

A HOTLOGIC® personal oven is a heating plate placed inside a soft-sided, insulated bag. The heating plate is set at the factory to heat to a predetermined temperature. It uses conduction to heat food. The food will heat up to temperatures ranging from 165ºF to 180ºF’s. This keeps the food at safe temperatures without burning, even if it stays in the HOTLOGIC® for hours. It can be used to reheat food or cook desserts, snacks, breakfast, side dishes and main dishes.

HOTLOGIC plate with glass container on top breaded fish inside temperature range listed
Temperature Range of HOTLOGIC®

How Does a HOTLOGIC® Work?

The HOTLOGIC® personal oven works by conduction. The plate heats up and transfers the heat to whatever it is touching, such as a glass dish. The glass dish then heats up and in turn transfers its heat to the food it is touching. Therefore, maximum surface contact maximizes heat transference.

There is a difference in temperature between the HOTLOGIC® plate and the dish and the food. When I conducted a few tests using an infrared thermometer, I took my temperature readings after waiting two hours. The HOTLOGIC® plate gave a reading of 190ºF-210ºF. The material of which the dishes were constructed made a difference for the temperature reading of the dishes. The glass and metal containers had a range of 176ºF-183ºF. Silicon, on the other hand, gave readings of 184ºF-190ºF. Food was always a bit cooler than the dish in which it is being cooked/heated. Your readings may be a bit different.