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Containers For Your HOTLOGIC®

Collection of heat-safe dishes that can be used as containers for your HOTLOGIC®.

Now that you have your HOTLOGIC®, you are most likely wondering where to get containers for your HOTLOGIC® and what works as bakeware in a HOTLOGIC®. I have included Amazon links to a variety of containers that will work in your HOTLOGIC®. These will give you an idea of what you want, but I would recommend you check locally at Walmart, Target, Big Lots, Dollar Tree or your local grocery store first to see if they have what you want. As for bakeware for a HOTLOGIC®, it is anything that is heat-safe and has a flat bottom to provide good contact with the HOTLOGIC® hot plate.

Bakeware You May Already Have

Bakeware such as aluminum foil, parchment paper, paper towels and grill mats can be used directly on the HOTLOGIC® heating plate.

What Size Container?

The common rule of thumb to use when selecting a dish to use in a HOTLOGIC® Mini is that a 6-cup dish is maximum size and two 3-cup dishes may fit side by side. The HOTLOGIC can fit a 9 x 13 pan or two 6-cup containers, The following is an approximation (≈) of size in cups (c), ounces (oz) and milliliters (ml).

6c ≈ 49 oz ≈ 1420 ml
4c ≈ 33 oz ≈ 946 ml
3c ≈ 24 oz ≈ 710 ml

Bakeware example, two 3-cup bento boxes fit inside a HOTLOGIC® Mini for cooking meals.


Many people like to prep their meals and freeze them. They can create a variety of meals from which to choose for their grab-n-go meals. Two common choices are vacuum sealing the froze portions and using plastic meal prep containers. The bags used for vacuum sealing can be put directly on the heating plate or placed on a paper towel or in a dish.

Single Compartment

2 Compartment

3 Compartment


Silicone containers work well in the HOTLOGIC®. This material does a great job of transferring heat.

100% Silicon
I use these almost every day.

Locking lid
2 of these may fit side-by-side

2 Compartment

A really easy way to cook an omelet in your HOTLOGIC® is to use a silicon omelet form.


The suggested glass containers have plastic or stainless-steel lids. I did try glass containers with bamboo covers in my HOTLOGIC® a few times, but the bamboo lid dried out and warped. When I use those dishes, I use something else as a cover in the HOTLOGIC®.

Single Compartment

2 Compartment

3 Compartment


5 Pack 

Stainless Steel Lid

For the Max, a fellow member of the Facebook group HotLogic Recipes recommends the DEEP 9×13 dish by Pyrex, because it is 50% bigger than the typical 9×13 and fits well.


Bakeware made of metals will work in a HOTLOGIC®. You can use aluminum, cast iron or stainless-steel. If you are using a chef torch to create the Maillard reaction, I would recommend using glass or metal in which to cook your meat.


Cast Iron

Stainless Steel

My personal preference is to use stainless-steel containers. This is the bento box I use. The lid locks. If I was using the HOTLOGIC® in my car, I would use this container to avoid spills. Two of the 3-cup fit perfectly in the Mini.

One of the members in the Facebook group HotLogic Recipes recommended using a cake pan like this aluminum one for the HOTLOGIC® Max.

Final Words

Any food safe dish that can take up to 200°F heat and has a flat bottom will work. If the dish does not have a lid, then aluminum, plastic wrap, wax paper, parchment paper or paper towels can be used to cover the dish. In the end there are many choices that can be used. You just need to select the ones that work best for your lifestyle.

Containers For Your HOTLOGIC® or Hot Logic