Low Watt Cooking

HOTLOGIC® plugged into a power station ready to cook a meal.

After experiencing Snowmageddon in February 2021, I began looking for low watt cooking possibilities. Where I live in Texas, I have only seen snow that is at most an inch in the years it occasionally shows up, and it disappears in hours. Then Snowmageddon happened. We had 6-8 ” of snow that stayed for several days. Pipes burst, including mine, and power went out in several areas. My power did not go out, but I realized that I had no way to cook food if it had done so. I live in an apartment, and no open flames are allowed. This prompted me to search for a way to cook food during a power outage.

HOTLOGIC® plugged into a power station ready to cook a meal.

I decided that I needed a cooking method that worked with a portable power supply. This means the watts required needed to be <1000W, The lower, the better. I can’t recall where I first came across the HOTLOGIC®, but I stumbled across it somehow. During my research on whether or not this was the device I wanted, I found the video below. It convinced me to go with the HOTLOGIC® Mini.

I am really glad that I got it. Initially I used it as a substitute microwave. For lunch, I just reheated food that had been cooked previously using conventional methods. My HOTLOGIC® had my meals ready to eat and not overcooked, even when my lunch started later than expected due to work requirements.

A little more than a year after I bought it, I started experimenting with cooking food from raw ingredients. (Some of the recipes I created can be found here.) The HOTLOGIC® cooks food slowly, at low temperatures. Besides the benefits of juicy meats and being able to cook in places one typically cannot; the HOTLOGIC® also is a great way to use less electricity.

Save Electricity

The HOTLOGIC® Mini only requires 45W of power per hour. The amount of time it takes to cook varies depending on whether the food is at room temperature, refrigerated or frozen; the type of food, and if it is raw or precooked. Cooking time typically ranges from 1 1/2 to 3 hours. It uses way less electricity than an oven or stove top. Also, it doesn’t put off much heat. This means when I use it in the summertime, my air conditioning doesn’t have to run more often to compensate for the additional heat in my home.

I am looking forward to expanding the variety of food that I cook from scratch in my HOTLOGIC® so that I can lower my electrical usage, and hopefully lower my electric bill as well.

When I was researching ways to cook with less electricity, I came across some interesting ways to manage watts and water usage better. These topics were covered in posts on my now retired website. I included some information on these topics here.

Hot Logic Low Watt Cooking HOTLOGIC®