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Non-Electric Sewing Machine

The only modern manufactured non-electric sewing machine is a Janome 712T. It requirew a treadle cabinet to operate. The modern version has more stitches available then its non-electric cousins from the past including buttonhole stitches. But unlike its contemporaries, it doesn’t have a handy light. This model is not easy to come by, but Lehman’s carries it. They also offer a modern treadle cabinet built by the Amish.

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In this video, YouTuber, Jan shows how she retrofit her Janome 712T into an antique Singer treadle cabinet and reviews the modifications necessary for it to fit in the closed position.

Washing Clothes Without Electricity

Besides using a tub or sink and your arms or feet, there several devices that you can use to clean your laundry without electricity.

  • Place your dirty laundry in a heavy-duty garbage bag with soap and water and tie the bag shut. Put it in a moving vehicle. The motion will agitate the soapy water in the bag.
  • A Scrubba Portable Wash Bag is useful for travel. It will wash one to a few items at a time. The nubs inside the bag are by design to help you agitate the water and clean your items. A pair of jeans can just barely fit and, with effort, may get clean. You can also use it as a waterproof bag.
  • Use the Breathable Mobile Washer in a tub or bucket to agitate the laundry.
  • Scrub your laundry on a washboard to move the water through the fabric and the dirt out of the fabric. For instructions on how to use a washboard, click here.
  • The WonderWash by The Laundry Alternative sits on a counter. It can hold about 5 lb of laundry, about 10 items loosely packed. You use the crank to tumble the unit. It uses a small amount of water, but you will need to wring out the water by hand.
  • The Laundry Pod washes clothes and has a spin cycle so wringing water out by hand is not required.

My favorite non-electric way to wash laundry is to use a converted front-loading washing machine powered by a bicycle.

Ammonia Solution Used for Non-Electric Refrigeration

An Australian named Sir Edward Halstrom invented the Icyball in 1923. This device was activated daily to trigger freezing temperatures to keep an insulated box cold.

A more modern application of this refrigeration method has been created by the Energy Concepts Company. They call their design Intermittent Solar Ammonia Absorption Cycle (ISAAC) Ice Maker. Countries have successfully used this design of the solar absorption refrigeration in areas that have no access to electricity. Click here for more information on their design.

Bringing Eden to the Desert

Tucson, Arizona with an average of only 12 inches per year uses only rainwater to passively irrigate native plants in the neighborhood street easements. This is due to the efforts of Brad Lancaster who discovered a method to passively water plants on the easements by changing the topography of the land.

This collection of YouTube videos shows unconventional ways of minimizing electrical and water usage. People who live off-grid or in a vehicle need to be aware of every drop of water or wattage of electricity used. Vanlifers like one pot meal, so they conserve water usage for clean-up. Even if this not your situation when you use a HOTLOGIC® instead of your stovetop or oven, you will conserve energy and lower your electric bill.

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