Recipes for Your HOTLOGIC®

Supplies ready to make a treat to bake in a HOTLOGIC®


These recipes have been specifically created to be prepared at low temperatures in a HOTLOGIC®. After a lifetime of high temperature cooking, I needed to do a bit of studying and a whole lot of trial and error to learn what will fully cook/bake at temperatures below 180°F. Some of the items I was able to prepare, completely amazed me.

The time required to prepare some of these foods can be long. These recipes allow those who do not have access to a full kitchen to be able to enjoy favorite dishes wherever they are. If they have access to an electric outlet, they can prepare a special dessert or dish to bring to a party. These recipes will give individuals ideas of foods they can make and enjoy.

Place – Plug – Zip

You may notice that most of my recipe instructions say, “PLACE covered dish in the HOTLOGIC®. PLUG in the HOTLOGIC® and ZIP shut. Cook for # hours.” The reason I give the instruction to plug in your HOTLOGIC® before zipping it shut, is because I have forgotten a time or two to plug it in. It is very disappointing to be hungry and reach for my HOTLOGIC® only to realize the food is still cold because I forgot to plug it in. So, I have adopted the habit (sometimes) of plugging in first and then zipping it shut. This habit makes my stomach happier.

Food Prep Tools

I have tried to find methods to use that limit the amount of electricity needed in case someone in a converted van is making the recipe. The following is a list of appliances that may be used along with a HOTLOGIC® to prepare and cook/bake the food.

  • hand mixer
  • drink blender
  • hot water kettle
  • chef torch
  • refrigerator
  • freezer


I use these items when I cook/bake in a HOTLOGIC®.

  • aluminum foil
  • parchment paper
  • paper towel
  • grilling mat
  • 4 oz canning jar
  • 1/2 pint canning jar
  • small heat-safe glass bowl
  • 4-cup, heat safe dish
  • 6-cup, heat safe dish


Unless specified, the recipes are sized for a HOTLOGIC® Mini.



Recipe Index

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